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MyFanFaves is a private direct marketing service that delivers targeted, rapid-response opportunities for Brands to generate additional revenue streams and increase customer loyalty. MyFanFaves is unique in that it protects consumer privacy.
Membership is free for MyFanFaves because the website generates revenue through its agreements to provide brands private direct marketing to consumers. You benefit by providing answers to help marketers know what consumers are interested in, but you will NEVER be identified personally.
Yes, our strict Privacy Policy protects members' personal information at all times. No information is shared or sold to other companies or affiliates, including advertisers.
No. Your privacy is always protected and you chose how (email or text), how often you want to receive messages from us, and the subject of them.
Click on the "Share Faves With Friends" blue button on your homepage. Here, you will be able to choose which Faves you would like to share and then easily email a summary to your friends.
No. You can answer as many or as few questions as you would like. Each answer you give automatically qualifies you to be randomly selected to win prizes related to your answer, so it is beneficial to provide more selections.
Yes! You can change (adding or deleting) your choices at any time; just unselect your choice, make a new selection, and save your updates.

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